Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exhibition Night, May 2013: APAC

This months adjudicator was Lynn Kelman (see Bio here), a CAPA trained Judge. For those who missed the evening here are the assigned winners and high scorers in each level. For those who want to be a part of the Club visit our APAC website, or if you want to learn more about this years annual Seminar and our guest speaker Tony Sweet, sign up here

Best in Show went to Sandra Fiedler.
Urban/ Rural, "A Minter Scene", Score 9 (level 2)
The Assigned topic was Trees and 1st place was awarded to Phil Dyer. Assigned topics are scored out of 30.
"Look Ma, No Leaves", Score 25 out of 30

2nd Place
"Forest in the Sand", Score 25 out of 30
3rd Place
"Water Watcher", Score 25 out of  30

Level 1 highest scorers as follows:
Nature,"Forest Below", Score 9

Open, "A Political Debate", Score 9
Level 2
Abstract, "Driven to Abstraction", score 9

Floral, "Wild Orchid", Score 9

Black & White, "Natural Repetition", Score 9

Portrait, "Indian Sadhu with Motorbike", Score 9

Level 3
Architecture, "Evening", Score 9

Open, "California Darner Stacked", Score 9

Experimental, "Breaking Free", Score 9
Level 4
Landscape, "Wine Country", Score 7

Open, "Leaving", Score 9

Urban, "Every end is a beginning", Score 9

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