Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Digital Exhibition Roundup, 2013 : APAC

Here is a fleeting roundup of a few of the amazing images entered into our Digital Exhibition Category for  our first few months of 2013/14.

In Camera, "Sign From Above"

Floral, "Anemone"

Creative Expression, "Autumn Impressions"

Landscape, "Bales of Gold"
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I didn’t mean to get so deep…..

by Tony Sweet

 ©2013 Tony Sweet Photography, Inc.

Being in the arts since winning my first “talent contest” at the age of 12 as a harmonica player, (believe it or not, I think I still have the plaque somewhere!), the struggle has always been to set ones self apart from the crowd by having a unique creative voice. Musician’s, writers, painters, actors, dancers, photographers, etal, all have the same dilemma. Only a few true originals come to mind: Miles Davis ( I can tell if it’s Miles in about one note), Picasso, Mozart, Bill Evans, there’s more. Photography-wise, there are many great photographers out there producing mind blowing work, but very few are true originals. Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Freeman Patterson, David Muench, Pat O’Hara, and JP Caponigro are in the “true original” realm. The work of the great many of us can be traced to being derivative, from one of the aforementioned photographers (or someone of their ilk).

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being derivative, and there is always room to grow and eventually evolve into one’s unique voice. It’s actually a good practice to imitate artists’ styes on the way to finding one’s own voice, but not a good idea to continue imitating if you want to break away.

Developing the confidence to let go of the past and move into your own way of doing things is not unlike falling off of a cliff. to read more...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

APAC Seminar Early-Bird Registration

Just a reminder that the Early-Bird discount for the 2013 APAC Photo Seminar ends on Aug 31. The price goes up $5 Sept 1. It's not a huge increase, but we'd rather you have the $5 extra for your next gear purchase or photo outing.

Go to APAC Registration to register now.

Also, if you're not receiving APAC's Seminar Newsletter, go here to get on our e-mailing list. The Newsletter keeps you up to date on with Seminar info, and also includes some other great info for photographers.

Tony Sweet image

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Free E-Book!

Ten-FreeHere's a pretty good deal; an e-book called "Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear" by David Duchemin. Free!! The site has a limit of 1,000 free downloads a day, so if it doesn't work try again tomorrow. Enjoy!

Ten Ways link

Saturday, August 17, 2013

20 Historic Black and White Photos Colorized

Historic Black and  White  Photos Colorized

When we see old photos in black and white, we sometimes forget that life back then was experienced in the same vibrant colours that surround us today. This gallery of talented artists helps us remember that :)

History Colorized


Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Getting Noisy

Photographic noise was a problem long before the digital age, but it hasn't gone away. Here's an article explaining what noise is, where it comes from, and ways to minimize it. 

Digital Noise

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seminar Schedule Released

The schedule for the 36th Annual APAC Seminar has been posted on the seminar website! Check it out, as well as bios and topics for the speakers. Just follow the tabs for everything you need to know about Oct 26. You can also register online.

Here's an image from Tony's recent visit to Pt Townsend, WA.