Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exhibition Night, April 2013: APAC

This months adjudicator was Wes Bergen from the Lions Gate Camera Club. The assigned topic was "after the rain".
Top Scorer was Bob Friesen, Score 25 out of 30
Assigned 1st Place, "spring showers", score 25

2nd and 3rd place were Jeremy Wedel & Phil Dyer respectively.
"Puddle Jumper", score 24  & "Liquid Gold", score 24
To see the winning category images Please click READ MORE.

Judges Choice on this evening was awarded to Ellie Schartner for her Portrait entry titled "Here's Looking at You".
Level 4- Portrait "Here's looking at you", Score 10
Other high scorers of note in each category.
Level 1-Open "through the looking glass", score 9
 Level 1-Portrait "abandoned", Score 9

Level 2- Urban/ Rural "avoiding the line up", Score 9
Level 2-Floral "three of a kind", score 10
Level 3- Open "Alien Shores", score 9
Level 3- Architecture " Steel & Fog", score 9
Level 3- Portrait "the marlboro lady", score 9
Level 3- Open " wind drift", score 9

Here is a final image montage of some of the other quality images from the evening. Want to see more? Become a member!

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  1. Great page and idea. love it. I don's see any of my images here surprise, surprise, Good job Duncan